Thursday, July 22, 2010

The things about bikes and life...

I was asked by a friend to write in her blog today. I was actually thinking of starting a blog of my own a few weeks ago, but did not have the time actually start one (read - lazy). So I guess this is a good practice start for me, and agreed to her request (plus she's very persuasive... ; )

Ok, what to write about? Oh yeah, bikes! As you can see above, that's the object of my dreams right now. For the non-biker readers out there, please bear with me for a while. The bike up there is a 2006 BMW K1200S. The thing's got a 1.2 liter engine (the new Saga is 1.3 liter by comparison). Suffice to say it's pretty fast. And it cost, guess what??


"What!!?? 88 big ones?? Are you crazy?? You could easily get a good car with that kinda money."

That would be my mother yelling at me if she knew. 
But I trust you all not to tell my mom about it, right?

Non-bikers will not be able to understand why bikers do the things that they do. I mean why would you pay that kind of money and still get wet when it rains. 
That's what the judge told me this morning on a hearing, but that's story is for another time, so stay tuned ; )

I love riding bikes. Small bikes, bike bikes, no matter, I love them all. When I pass all those "cagers" (bikers lingo for people driving cars) got stuck in a 5 km long traffic jam, I just couldn't help but smile. I almost wanted to do the "Queen Elizabeth Wave" to them as I cruise pass by, but that would be cruel. Sometimes even these cagers tried to imitate a bike by going through the emergency lane, cutting the cue and get stuck after a few meters.

Once I heard a saying: Driving is like going to the theater and watch a movie. Riding is like starring in that movie.

I think by now you'd think I love bikes to nuts.

But here's the thing, as much as I love bikes, it's nothing compared to the things you will get in the after life, in heaven granted by Allah SWT. 
Just imagine, the Buraq that Prophet Muhammad SAW rode during Isra' & Mikraj was so fast that it is said it travels at the speed of light or faster. 
Just imagine, if you say one "Subhanallah", Allah will plant a tree in you paradise that the tree is so large, a fast horse cannot complete running around it in 500 years. 
If I ride the above-mentioned bike full throttle for 500 years around the world, I'd probably circle the earth a couple of times. Then I die. At the age of sixty something.

So, although I love the bike, I cannot even compare it to what Allah SWT will give me even if I just say one Subhanallah. The bike will get old, rust and scrapped after, say, 10 years. Plus it coat RM88k to get.
One Subhanallah will cost you a breath (which the last time I checked it is still free) and 2 seconds max, but it will give you bliss for eternally.
 Talk about bang for your buck (or ROI for the accountant types out there)!

So my friends, bikes will not last. Your car will not last. You and I will not last. This world will not last. What will last is your iman and amal. Let us all work on that, shall we? Wallahualam.


On behalf Anna Da Lady


  1. To FRI, thanks for lending your hand to be kind enough to write in my blog as a guest writer.It's a good attempt for you to feel like a blogger, who is free to share and write anything in her/his blog. Yeah, bike..I love bike too..But for me, sometime, RM88k for a small vehicle that can only have 2 passengers to ride is not worth it.Ok, nak tido dah..See u again...Chiau!!!

  2. wohhhooooooooo! terlopong dni tengok harganya... telan air liur je nak beli moto ni.. gulppp

  3. Anna, u have a guest blogger? Cool!Good idea you have there. At least readers can read a lot of variation of entry.

  4. To Ardini (Dni), hehe..tula, bagi orang macam kita ni, RM88k tak berbaloi la untuk motor yang boleh muat 2 orang je. But, for the person who love ride superbike etc., RM88k adalah suatu perkra yang kedua..yang penting kepuasan..hehe

    To Nia,thanks for your comment..yes, sometime, we need to make the thing different.Hehe..

  5. To FRi, I want to add one thing, after reading tru your entry, I think the most important msg is not about the motor right? I agree with ur much as we love bikes or anything, it's nothing compared to the things you will get in the after life, in heaven granted by Allah SWT. Wallahualam..bersedialah kita ke arah kehidupan di sana...

  6. Hi Anna and all! Thanks for the comments. Hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Actually this is the first ever blog entry that I made. I might start a blog of myself later. MIGHT. Cheers! FRI

  7. Salam to achik and FRI im enjoy reading this meaningful article. well done to both of you.Thumbs up.

  8. To Sharinginfoz, hehe..aa, semahal kereta, but sangat berbaloi dari segi penjimatan minyak dan tol..hehe

    To Yantie, thanks for your comment...Would like to invite you as a next guest blogger..hehe..ada mahu ka? Acah je...

    To n.a.j, thanks coz love dis blog...Anything for you, dear...


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