Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jawapannya... usual untuk memuaskan hati aku ni, aku pun gunala Mr Google cari jawapannya bagi soalan ini...
So, aku terjumpalah satu jawapan ni..from WikiAnswers..
ada betulnya apa yang dijawab...

Why do bulls hate the color red?

They don't hate it.
This is a common misconception thanks to the Spanish bullfighters and the use of their red capes to intimidate the bull they are fighting in the ring.
Bulls and all cattle in general are in fact colour blind, and only respond to movement, not colour.
The red colour was used because it made it easier for the audience to see the bullfighter, not for the bull to see the bullfighter.
It is also tradition in the Spanish culture to use red in festivities like this.

And, lagi satu related answer from here:

Would you believe that bulls are colorblind? Well, they are.
The bulls that are used in Bullfighting are bred very carefully to be very aggressive (that means that they get angry pretty easily).

When they are three years old, they are put through some tests to see how aggressive they are, and the most aggressive bulls are brought to the bullfight.
When they see the matador waving his cloth (remember that they are colorblind, so they only see a dark grey cloth), they charge at it!
Also, in the beginning of the bullfight, the matador stabs the bull in the back of it's neck with swords.
This makes the bull especially angry, but the matador does that so the bull can't lift it's head (the swords cut the muscles that lift the bulls head).

A red cloth is used for a couple of reasons- it's pretty for the people to see, and if any blood gets on it, it is hard to see.
If you ever watch a bullfight, you'll see that the other side of the cloth is yellow. This is just to make it more decorative. The bull will also charge this side of the cloth.
So the reason bulls go after red cloth is not because it's red, but because they think it's teasing them.

Betul ke?
Anna Da Lady


  1. ouh..gtu ropa nyaa..maknanya, klu pakai baju merah ang3 pun, tapi xgerak2, lembu xsondoi pon aku stil xberani buat..buatnya lembu tu wat gila, niaya ja!

  2. ha..betulkan?..aku pun ingat lagi..dulu masa kecik2, waktu raya aku ada pakai bj kurung warna merah ni..pastu nmpakla lembu coklat ni...tapi, aku takut o, nak lalu depan dia..takut dia kejar aku..hehe...


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