Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Traffic problems in the city...

In this day and age, traffic problems in the cities are increasing significantly. There are a group of people who said that traveling from home for work, education or shopping needs to be reduced in order to decrease the traffic problems. In this situation, I completely agree with this fact.

            To begin with, most of the famous shopping complexesinstitutes of higher learning, colleges and big companies have been built in inner-city areas. Therefore, there is a requirement for workers, students and anybody to travel in and out from all these places to their home or others. For examples, the first public university in Malaysia , which is University of Malaya , has been developed in Kuala Lumpur . Therefore, definitely, there are a lot of people who go there to learn and get knowledge from this popular university. In addition, the biggest shopping mall in Malaysia also has been built in Kuala Lumpur , which provides a lot of shopping areas and branded items for those who love to do their shopping.

            Moreover, people are moving from the surburbs or rural areas to the cities. What attracts people to live in the cities are the access to educational, medical facilities and the greater employment opportunities. These contribute to a higher standard of living than many people could find in a rural environment. However, migration to the cities puts a huge strain on a city’s system. The packed buses and long queues at the bus stops are an early indicator of how migration is affecting the traffic. Moreover, early in the morning and late evening, the people need to rush and face the traffic problem every weekday. Of course, it will make the people more stressful with this unsolved problem.

            Therefore, as a solution, with the modern technology and information technology nowadays, there are a lot of possibilities for everyone to do their work or study from their home. Working from home may also not waste their time in facing traffic problems. In contrast, it also helps a lot in saving a lot of money, especially in fuel consumption. For the students, lecturers should put their lectures notes in the website. Furthermore for shopping purposes, there is an online system to order their food or beverage and so on. At present, this practice is already available in Europe and it definitely makes the residents out there happy with this good system.

            In a nutshell, there are indeed many possible alternatives in dealing with the problem of traffic congestion. However the major aspects that result in this condition is the people who is traveling from home for work, education or shopping especially in the city areas. Therefore, we need to reduce this condition.

Nostalgia: writing an essay for IELTS,
Anna Da Lady

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