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Ramadhan: Tips to accomodate children in Masjid

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Kalau kat negara Arab sana, and berdasarkan pemerhatian kami semasa di Mekah dan MAdinah, rata-rata parents di sana gemar membawa anak-anak walaupun masih baby ke Masjid.

Dan itu sperti satu aktiviti keluarga dengan mendekatkan anak-anak ke Masjid. Memang anak-anak ni berlari ke sana ke sini, namun waktu solat jarang dengar bunyi suara anak-anak, mereka bergelak ketawa dll...

Comel je tengok gelagat mereka....

So daripada artikel di atas, apa yang menarik dan boleh cuba dipraktikkan dalam diri kita  adaLAH SPT DI BAWAH:
Cuba baca ni...

Five Tips to Accommodate Children in the Masjid

A Masjid that welcomes children does not have to be a loud and unruly place. Here are five tips for dealing with children in the Masjid:

1. Correct gently

Anas bin Malik relates that “the Prophet did not use insults or bad language or curse (Reported by Bukhari).
Remember that children are sinless but adults are not. Allah does not punish children for their misbehavior but Allah does hold us accountable for how we treat children.
Our duty is to remind children gently about the etiquettes of the Masjid. We cannot force a child, or even an adult, to obey. Children of all ages will stop and listen to a person who smiles, says Salam, chats with them, and shows concern for their needs. Children will ignore, evade, and insult a person who treats them with harshness, anger, and insults.

2. Offer to help

Instead of staring at a father as he runs after his energetic toddler or a mother as she struggles to calm a quiet baby, offer to help. A polite “can I watch your son while you pray” or “would you like me to hold that diaper bag” earns Sadaqa for you and helps parents control their children

3. Conduct reminder sessions

Masjids can provide frequent friendly reminders for parents and children on the rules and manners of the Masjid.

4. Create child-friendly facilities

Ensure that the Masjid washroom has a change table to prevent stains and smells on the prayer carpets. Provide a room or barriers for nursing mothers. Keep a vacuum or broom handy for parents to clean up after their children. Place Mushafs and books away from a toddler’s reach.

5. Open a parents’ room

Offer a separate Salah room for parents with children. Fill it with used toys and scrap craft materials. Organize babysitting at times when you expect lots of kids, such as Jumah and Tarawih prayers or during lectures. Most parents are willing to pay a minimal fee for the rare opportunity to pray or listen to a lecture without their kids.
Richtig, we are not perfect,

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